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The commune of Grzmiaca are situated in the eastern part of the Westpomeranian province and has a typically agricultural structure. On the area of 204 km kw. there are 16 village administration units, inhabited by 5272 people. Fresh air, plenty of forests and the river Parseta that flows nearby help develop agro-tourism.

Welcome to the GRZMIĄCA Commune!

Along the south-west boreder of the commune flows Parseta River one of the cleanest and virgin rivers in Poland. Many anglers can fish in Parseta and catch magnificent trout, salmons and bulltrout. There are no lakes on the commune territory apart from some small forest-ponds anu two artificial water reservoirs created before the II World War. It all doesn't mean that the area of the commune is unattractive. The huge forest area also provides many animals of different kinds. One can often meet deer, hinds and wild boars here feeding themselves in the forests and in the open areas. The forests here are full of mushrooms, berries and bilberries. In many villages there are well preserved palaces, country-houses and churches.

The commune of Grzmiaca since 1990 develops its technological background. All the villages have water-piping systems. In 1998 a modem purification plant for the city of Grzmiaca was built, and at the same time the sewerage system of the villages is being connected to the purification plant. The new dumping grounds solved the problem of garbage collection in the whole area. There are very good conditions for investment in the commune. Many objects and buildings are waiting for investors to take.

Head of the CommuneChairman of the Commune Committee
Krzysztof Andrzej SyskoKatarzyna Oleś

Urzad Gminy Grzmiaca

Urzad Gminy Grzmiaca
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